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Dragon lady Emilia Clarke is heating up quite a career as leading player on ‘Game of Thrones’

“Every morning it takes two hours to get this onto my head and for me to get into her (Daenerys’) head. So there’s something really effective about visually looking so different here than I do in my own life.”

Emilia Clarke gets along fine with the “Thrones” creatures, which are added later through special effects. (HBO)

As the fifth season of “Thrones” begins, Daenerys still commands an army of elite eunuch warriors and thousands of freed slaves, but her relationship with three growing dragons has become “complicated,” she says.

“Usually it gets very hot because we use lights to emulate a tropical country, but not today because we’re doing a miserable replica louis vuitton handbags scene,” she says. “It makes me slightly sedate.”

The building is called the Paint Hall, a named coined more than a century replica louis vuitton bags from china ago when it was part of the yard where massive ocean liners like the Titanic were built and painted.

Now it’s one of the largest indoor studios in Europe and houses other major “GoT” set pieces, including a towering special effects green screen aaa replica designer handbags , an icy battle field and the Iron Throne at the heart of the series that so many covet.

Yet even as the ultimate “GoT” insider, Clarke doesn’t know where this is all going.

“All of us will get the latest scripts and start calling each other, “Oh my God! Can you f ing believe it!” she says. “I will say that this season is, like, full of shocks. One shock that had me in tears reading the script, but I can’t cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk tell you what it was because I would have to kill you replica louis vuitton , lest I be killed.”

Emilia Clarke is back to her natural brunette locks for a Louis Vuitton event in February in Hollywood. (Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

She giggles, and it’s an unsettling image. Sitting in her full Daenerys regalia, Clarke is usually a character wrestling with far too many weighty issues to even crack a smile.

“I’m always expecting a little sniper rifle peeking around the corner,” she jokes.

Clarke credits “GoT” with providing her with a practical education. “I’ve grown up on this show,” Clarke says. “My filmic education has been from this and I’m spoiled because of it.”

An assistant high quality designer replica handbags wholesale whispers something in her ear and Clarke frowns. She’s about to film what she calls “a rather depressing scene,” and a few minutes later she flubs her lines.

Clarke’s character, Daenerys, faces a rebellion this season on “Thrones.” (Helen Sloan/HBO)

“This is so rare,” whispers a producer. “It’s got to be because her mom is here today. replica louis vuitton This never happens; it’s the only explanation.”

Indeed, her mother stands nearby, unconcerned with her daughter’s mistake.

In fact, Jenny Clarke is beaming as she watches her daughter act.

“Isn’t she good?” the older Clarke says. “I can’t ever get enough.”

“Game of Thrones” has raised the level of TV fantasy with its richly imagined scenarios. (HBO)

She says Emilia Clarke’s love of the spotlight goes back to when she was just 3 years old.

“She was always talking, she always wanted to act,” says mama Clarke, a businesswoman who worked so much when her daughter was young that she laments how Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags she didn’t have time to sew together stage costumes like the other kindergarten mothers. “So I bought fake designer bags one,” she says plainly.

Emilia laughs wickedly when told about her mom’s take on the star’s first time on stage. “What I remember is forgetting all my lines and standing there looking at the audience thinking, ‘Cool!’ replica designer handbags I don’t know quite what to do next, and the teacher is mouthing the words and I’m like, um hum. I’ve never had that high quality designer replica handbags much confidence since, that’s for sure,” she says, giggling. “Ignorance is bliss.”

Now, as a star in one of the biggest, most expensive and elaborate shows on television, Clarke gets to share the screen with dragons.

Clarke promises the upcoming season will have shocking stuff replica louis vuitton bags for viewers. (Helen Sloan/HBO)

In many scenes with the mythical beasts, she and the creatures look breathtaking on the screen. But it’s a lot less glamorous in person. Long before the special effects are added in, the dragon’s fearsome head is represented on the set by a big green ball on the end of a stick.

“I’ve named the green ball Wilson, like Tom Hanks did in ‘Castaway,’ ” Clarke snickers. “The wonderful thing is that the dragons have always been this unknown entity 1:1 replica handbags , this unknown space. You don’t see them until the show comes on,” she says. “But because I’ve lived with them for five years, the imagined space I use when I’m with them is invested with so much love and so much genuine thought and emotion.

“In that aaa replica designer handbags sense it’s not that hard to work with them at all because I’ve already got all of that in my head. I think you need to have a lot of guts to stand up in front of a whole crew and feel, honestly and truly feel, something toward this big green ball on a pole with a dude at the end of it. You just zone out and invest in it.”.

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